Leader Capital Markets


Leader Capital Markets is the leading investment house in Israel. Over recent years Leader has handled most of the debt offerings for the leading companies on the Tel-Aviv 35 Index and IPOs of many more companies.

Among the outstanding advantages of Leader Capital Markets can be highlighted that it brings together under a single roof all the services required for its clients on the capital market:

Leader’s brokerage operates in billions of shekels per month with all the Israeli institutional investors and the foreign ones operating in Israel. Its trading room has been selected as the leading trading room in a survey of clients and investors.

Leader’s investment banking team works in total synergy with the research department and the trading room. The result is it is updated on an ongoing basis about investors’ preferences at any given time, which allows it to adapt an optimal deal structure.

Leader’s research department has the highest quality and is the most highly respected in the local market. The research department has 5 analysts surveying a long list of companies, plus a macro analyst.

An internal legal counsel with extensive years of over 20 years in the capital market supports all the Company’s activities.

Our Services

Underwriting company

Leader Issuing (1993) Ltd is one of Israel’s leading underwriting companies. Leader Issuing is held by Leader Capital Markets (80%) and First International Bank (20%).

Leader Issuing specializes in raising capital and debt through public and private offerings.

  • Management, underwriting, coordination and advice in securities offerings;
  • Public offerings – shares, convertible securities and debentures;
  • Private offerings;
  • Distribution of bundles of securities.

In recent years Leader has led in offerings, as lead manager and underwriter, of share and debt offerings of billions of shekels for the leading companies in the market.

During this period Leader has carried out most of the debt offerings for companies listed on the TA 35 Index as lead underwriter.

The Company’s widespread contacts with leading players in the capital market, including managers and interested parties in the leading companies in the economy, institutional investors and key players in the capital market, afford our institutional clients excellent and fast access to distribution activity.

Among the clients of leader may be counted the Paz Group, Strauss Group, Bezeq Group, Big Shopping Centers, Harel Insurance and Finance, Gazit-Globe, Bank Beinleumi, Delek Group, Tower Semiconductor, Azrieli Group, Fattal, Shapir Engineering, the Stock Exchange, Afi Properties, Silverstein, Elad Canada, Pennant Park, Delta, Clal Industries, Max (Leumi Card) and more.


The trading room provides brokerage services to all local institutional clients and to the branches of foreign banks in Israel. Leader’s trading room has been elected for the second year running as the best trading room in Israel in a survey conducted by the Globes business newspaper among all the investors on the local capital market.

Leader has a joint venture with the global investment bank Jefferies in which Leader is the introducing broker for Jefferies in Israel.

Research department

Leader’s research department is one of the leading and most quality ones in the Israeli capital market, and enjoys a very strong reputation.

Leader has a team of highly experienced team of analysts with unique specializations in different fields. The research department works in full synergy with the trading room to create added value for institutional clients and the leading investment bodies in Israel.

Leader’s research department constantly reviews most of the companies traded on the leading TASE indices. Among the sectors the research department surveys are finance and insurance, real estate, hotels, energy and refining, pharma, communications, chemicals, food and retail, hi-tech, defense, industry and trade.

The research department has in-depth acquaintance with the surveyed companies and close working relations with all the leading institutional investors in Israel as well as with foreign investors.

Leader Top Capital

Leader Top Capital is one of the leading companies in Israel in the area of finance for real estate projects. The company specializes in financing residential projects, topping up of shareholders’ equity, financing for purchase groups and bridging loans to complete the purchase of properties.

The company’s basket of services includes all the elements of financing that a developer requires: topping up of shareholders’ equity, credit facilities for construction, guarantees, and policies for the Sales Law. Leader Top Capital has an expanded license to provide loans (License No, 56447) under the Supervision of Financial Service Providers Law, and holds a “Heter Iska”.

Leader Top Capital provides its clients a comprehensive financing package for a range of real estate projects in the areas of residential, commercial and offices. The company’s financing solutions for developers include Sales Law policies to insure the purchasers’ money, topping up of shareholders’ equity, credit facilities for construction, and bridging loans for the purchase of land. In addition, the company provides funding to purchase groups in the areas of residential, commercial and offices at all levels of credit, unlimited.

Leader Top Capital sees as its highest value providing its clients with a high level of service, which is fast and efficient at every stage of financing a project. The company’s clients enjoy close personal attention and the professionalism of the team.