Institutional Brokerage

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Ranked No.1 in Israel

Leader is trusted by world renowned banks, global asset managers and Israel’s most prominent institutional investors for their institutional brokerage needs. As the official introducing broker of Jeffries in Israel for the last 7 years, our institutional platform serves as a veritable one-stop shop for clients offering trading in equities and fixed income products.

One of the largest institutional brokers in Israel, we have been ranked by Globes for two consecutive years as the number one broker for institutional investors in Israel. Our institutional sales and trading professionals leverage decades of experience and a deep understanding of local and global markets, trading over $100 billion in securities annually. As Israel’s largest liquidity network, we are committed to delivering industry-leading, multi-asset class execution, and real time data insights.

Services Coverage

Block Trades

We buy, sell and negotiate (with eligible counterparties) securities on a mass scale and have the capacity to swiftly execute with real time market prices.

Open Market Transactions

Open market transactions including secondary market offerings, private placement, and stock repurchase.


Use wide investor network to quickly allocate substantial blocks of securities to the local market and act as primary dealer on Israeli securities distributed worldwide.

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