Research & Analysis

Top Research Team in Israel

Years of excellence in the field has earned Leader our undisputed reputation as the number one destination for institutional investors in the Israeli market seeking deep, reliable and comprehensive industry knowledge and research services for both private and public transactions.

The team is staffed by superior professionals with an average of over 15 years of experience in Israel and globally, all of whom maintain long standing close ties with major Israeli corporations as well as local and foreign institutional investors.

It is our cutting-edge entrepreneurial environment that drives independent thinking at the macroeconomic and investment level and enables our analysts to identify fresh data points and deliver the most unique investment insights for our clients.

As market movements, geopolitical developments and sector disruptions rapidly shift around the globe, investors increasingly turn to us for deep analysis and differentiated perspectives in real time.
We provide the sound investment advice needed to make informed decisions both in Israel and globally.

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Wide Sectoral Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge and financial expertise are formed by a deep understanding of trends, opportunities, business models, and valuations within the broad range of industry sectors we cover, which include:

Financial Institutions

Real Estate, Lodging & Leisure



Technology & Fintech



Industrials & Trade

Consumer & Retail

Telecom & Media

Aerospace & Defence


Services Coverage


Our seasoned professionals continuously monitor managers, assets and companies to provide valuable insights for investors during the investment decision process. Our team employ problem-solving skills, data interpretation, and various other tools to understand and predict behaviors.

Fixed Income

Our research professionals analyze fixed income securities, private credit and debt to make investment strategy recommendations. Our team closely follows economic trends in the financial markets, modeling the financial stability of companies in various scenarios to prudently assess the degree of risk.


As part of our ongoing research capabilities, our team provides economic, industry, statistical, and forecast information to facilitate new business development, capital investment decisions, and to determine business strategy. Our analysts cover complex economic data, including GDP, demand and supply, taxation, income, and consumption levels to aid our clients and investment firms to make well-informed decisions.

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